Dan wesson 1911 10mm

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Dan wesson 1911 10mm

Like its stablemate Bruin, the Dan Wesson Kodiak is a long-slideand in this case the sexy look is the tri-tone model I received for testing. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but to me this is one great-looking pistol. This accomplishes three things.

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One, the longer slide means more weight overall and more weight out front to help control the recoil of the 10mm Auto cartridge. Two, you get a longer sight radius, which makes it a little more forgiving in terms of sight alignment. Last but not least, the extra inch you get over a standard-length Government model is going to wring out every last foot per second in velocity and, accordingly, more energy.

To put those latter figures into a percentage perspective, the Dan Wesson six-inch barrel produces 17 percent more energy with the Hornady load than the five-inch Ruger barrel. People who spend a lot of time hunting, hiking and fishing in brown bear country are increasingly moving to the 10mm as their preferred sidearm. The finish is similar to Melonite, a thermochemical treatment, and promises excellent corrosion resistance. The slide lock, extended ambidextrous thumb safety levers and magazine release are bronze in color, and they really complement the overall look of the pistol.

This finish is similar to Ionbond, a physical vapor deposition process that should stand up well to hard use. The black trigger is solid, and it has subtle serrations on the face. In a world awash with three-hole triggers, I think this is a good choice in terms of aesthetics. The grip safety has a memory bump, and the flat mainspring housing and frontstrap have 25 lpi checkering.

The grips are as gorgeous as they are functional. At the bottom of the frame is a generous magazine well funnel. The rear sight is a fully adjustable Dan Wesson with a serrated rear face. The internal design is a bit different. When I disassemble aI remove the top first—as opposed to removing the bushing, plug and recoil spring and then taking off the slide. The reverse recoil spring plug arrangement on the Kodiak accomplishes the same thing because the tip of the guide rod is captured by the plug and retains the spring.While their stock triggers were nothing to write home about, either double or single action, their accuracy was stupendously good.

Fast forward some thirty years. It has become very well known as a maker of higher-end pistols. Recently I had an opportunity to send rounds downrange with one of their offerings, the all stainless Dan Wesson RazorBack RZ pistol with fully adjustable rear sight, and a fully-supported chamber match-grade barrel. It was just a production grade pistol with somewhat indifferent fitting, trigger pull, and only adequate accuracy. This Dan Wesson is not one of those. Upon first examination, I noticed that the slide had a very smooth, tight but free-running fit.

Only the slightest bit of side-to-side play was felt when pushing against the front end of the slide when the pistol was in battery. Otherwise, the vertical fit of the barrel, the fit of the bushing to both the slide and the barrel were all exemplary. The long stainless steel polished trigger is a bit much for rapid fire, but not for a pistol designed for precision shots against the namesake wild hogs that are its namesake.

The trigger pull was well under four pounds, and of course was utterly crisp. It had a fair bit of initial slack but no over-travel. From an interior perspective, this appears to be the only deviation in the Dan Wesson RazorBack RZ from the original template, as the standard slide-stop profile, internal extractor, and controls are undoubtedly interchangeable with any well-manufactured The exterior of the Dan Wesson RazorBack RZ pistol is the nicely-polished flats with rounded surfaces aluminum oxide or glass bead blast that is the norm for s since the s Colts but taken to a higher level.

No untoward mill cuts or errant scratches are visible, the slide is obviously fitted well to an equally smoothly finished receiver, all the rails are smoothly polished for a free running fit. Regardless, the evident precision of the action smoothness is nice to behold.

The adjustable rear sight a custom upgrade option to the standard Razorback of the pistol appears to be the anti-snag design popularized by Wayne Novak, generally, this is a fixed sight adjustable only by drifting with a nylon or brass drift for windage. I shot it at varying ranges up to about fifty yards, and it shot as well as one would expect a good 10mm should.

I would venture that it would be capable of placing five shot groups within 1. The Dan Wesson Razorback RZ was is indeed a good pistol, and absolutely worth your personal inspection should you be in the market for a competent hunting sidearm for short-range deer or hog hunting.

The 10mm Magnum round was designed to fit only one firearm. To my knowledge the are no manufacturers making the magnum cartridges. Include the barrel and appropriate springs for the round. All that is required is rechamber a. With this gun a different original barrel with this ramp design. The magazine is the right size already. They could even include a modified magazine, and have 9mm and.

Five totally different rounds in one frame and slide and two magazines. I would have bought one of these at the big Tulsa gunshow about 9 years ago if the seller had been at his table. He was gone long enough for my girlfriend to hurry me along. One of those regrets. The gun, not the ex girlfriend. Please Login to comment.Discussion in ' General talk ' started by mngunnutJun 8, Dan Wesson 10mm Discussion in ' General talk ' started by mngunnutJun 8, Jun 8, 1. Mostly use it for whitetail, back bear.

As well as using for when we go hiking. Looking at a dan Wesson, fusion, kimber, and of course the high end companies. In your opinions what would be the money spent. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Jun 8, 2. Sneaky OneJun 8, ImperialBladeSteve Owens and 1L26 like this. Jun 8, 3. Dan Wesson is best quality for your dollar in my book. Others may most likely differ. CapthoboJun 8, John Hebert1L26 and Dwe like this. I had a DW bronze bruin. That thing was a beast. No recoil but weighed 4 lbs.

Jun 8, 4. Hunting, etc. I have been wanting a 10mm for awhile now.

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Maybe next year. HvrnautJun 8, Jun 8, 5.

dan wesson 1911 10mm

Guncrafter-probably over your budget Dan Wesson Ruger. Jun 8, 6. GunCrafter would be teh best possible choice, however I agree with Mtodd, they will be pricy. We all seem to love them, but I have yet to find anyone who has provided a really good long term, heavy usage review of a DW. Thus, I am not sure how they hold up to hard use.

Not saying they wont, but it would be great to hear from someone who is using a DW hard. RatBikeRodJun 8, Jun 8, 7. Kimber makes a long slide 10mm, which I would endorse for two reasons.

One is that my Kimber Eclipse has proven to be far more reliable and fun to shoot then I would have expected. The other is that it was cheap, so I don't feel bad when it gets scratched up in the wood. Of course, one individual stating that their Kimber runs great is a sample size of one.

I've run about rounds through it in bowling pin shoots and USPSA over the last five years, and I cannot recall a jam.

dan wesson 1911 10mm

I also don't clean it terribly often, unless it gets wet or is so dirty I worry about it functioning.At one time we discontinued all of our 10mms, only to see demand for a quality production in 10mm rise. Back by popular demand and in limited quantities, we are proud to present our Razorback.

The RZ is a 5 inch and features a serrated Clark-style target rib machined on the top of the slide with fixed defensive sights. We fit a match-grade ramped barrel for use with the most popular 10mm loads and smoother feeding.

The slide is mated to our standard forged frame with undercut trigger guard and smooth front strap. On both the frame and the slide we polish the flats to a soft brushed finish and sandblast the rounds. The gun is finished off with a nice set of double diamond cocobolo grips. Chambered in the powerful 10mm cartridge, the Razorback is a very versatile package suitable for defensive use, target shooting and handgun hunting of medium-sized game up to deer or wild boar.

Long Solid Trigger, A long solid trigger was used to give a traditional look and incorporate a serrated face. Mainspring Housing Checkering, Our 25 LPI checkering on the flat mainspring housing provides the means for a superb grip.

Serrated Front Sight, The sharp serrations on the back of this sight destroy glare, giving a crisp sight picture no matter what angle the ambient lighting is coming from. Smooth Frontstrap, Sometimes less is more, the lack of checkering on this frontstrap highlights the smooth stainless frame. Square Butt Profile, The standard square butt profile for those who prefer a traditional look. Tactical Hammer, The skeletonized hammer helps to reduce weight and maintains the clean look of the pistol.

Traditional Cut, The traditional cut keeps the lines of the traditional slide with a dustcover swoop. Razorback RZ Razorback RZ quantity.

Description Additional information Description Discontinued SKU Model Razorback RZ Frame Material Forged Stainless.

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Slide Finish Brushed.To our loyal customers, dealers, distributors and partners. Due to the ongoing novel coronavirus COVID pandemic, many jurisdictions throughout the United States and the world are experiencing government restrictions limiting activity to varying degrees. Dan Wesson operations are subject to an Emergency Order from our local government which forces us to close our facilities in Norwich, New York.

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For the next 30 days, production and shipment delays are inevitable. We will work diligently to deliver products as soon as legally possible, while maintaining social responsibility and compliance with government orders.

To all of the Dan Wesson family, we hope that you stay healthy, safe and secure in the coming weeks. We produce only a few thousand handguns a year, using the best components and finishes the industry has to offer. We painstakingly hand-fit and polish each and every part, creating the best possible production On the off chance you might need to speak to our customer service, our knowledgeable and courteous service department is second to none.

dan wesson 1911 10mm

We invite you to find another production in our price range that gives you everything Dan Wesson has to offer. To our loyal customers, dealers, distributors and partners, Due to the ongoing novel coronavirus COVID pandemic, many jurisdictions throughout the United States and the world are experiencing government restrictions limiting activity to varying degrees.

Dan Wesson 65 Borden Ave.Dan Wesson, known for their high quality s, have just released their new Kodiak chambered in 10mm. The long barrel maximizes bullet acceleration and its weight helps mitigate the effects of recoil. The Kodiak is a handgun built to serve you well and then be passed on to the next generation.

Razorback RZ-10

Everything about it is made to last. Many manufacturers use metal injection molding MIM to make small parts — things like safety buttons. MIM parts are composed of powdered metal chemically and thermally bound together and molded to the right shape. Dan Wesson has chosen to use all machined parts for the Kodiak, creating each piece of the gun from a solid metal billet. Where others may make a few hundred thousand guns per year, they anticipate making only 8- to 10, pieces per year, focussing their attention on quality.

They intend this to be a lifetime gun. You can feel the quality in the fit and finish and in the function. The G10 grips are tapered at the top to fit your hand well and to guide your grip upward to help you put rounds on target.

The front and back straps have precisely machined checkering with 25 lines per inch, which testing showed is optimal for grip and comfort.

Dan Wesson RazorBack RZ-10 1911 in 10mm Norma – Another Gun Review

It has fully adjustable fiber optic sights to ensure visibility at the edges of shooting hours and to get you shooting perfectly when practicing at the range. Visit DanWessonFirearms. That is one sexy beast.

My only worry is the rail. Any input on this observation would be greatly appreciated. The fully adjustable tritium night sights are very well blended into the sights, you can barely see them. Ramped barrel or normal mil spec barrel?The Dan Wesson Specialista culmination of mission-specific features applied to the tried and true platform. For some reason, Dan Wesson discontinued the Specialist in but thankfully reintroduced it at SHOT show with some updated changes.

The serrations of the top of the slide are no longer machined into a raised rib, but they are machined into the top of the slide. While this does not change the function of the serrations cutting glare between the sights, it does give the pistol a bit more of a traditional profile. We still have the accessory rail mFachined into the dust cover; it no longer has the additional slots closer to the trigger guard.

Those additional slots did not serve any real purpose, so they were omitted. Forward cocking serrations were added forand while I am not a fan of forward cocking serrations on apurely for aesthetic reasons, this being a pistol designed for hard duty use, I understand their inclusion.

Forward cocking serrations allow for racking the slide or a press check while keeping the pistol close in your workspace.


The last change is the slide stop arm on the Specialist protrudes from the right side of the receiver a bit, as you expect on a The pre Specialist slide stop arm terminated flush with the receiver. I understand why it was flush; in the event, laser grips were installed, it would not interfere with the beam, but with the more traditional slide stop, it makes the pistol much easier to field strip.

Initially, the Specialist was offered in a 9mm Luger and.

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A deep beavertail with palm swell is well fit to the receiver, allowing for a solid purchase and positive grip safety disengagement. The mainspring housing is checkered to twenty-five lines per inch and incorporates a magazine well. Ameriglo straight-eight night top the slide, allowing for a rapid flash sight picture by stacking the white dot on the front sight on top of the single dot on the serrated rear sight. The front night sight is green while the rear is yellow, allowing you to easily differentiate the front and rear in low and no light situations.

Of course, the serrations on the rear of the sight and between the sights help eliminate glare when shooting in glaring or hard light. The rear sight is drift adjustable via a set screw. The one disadvantage to a magazine well is you should be running magazines with extended base pads. As you see above on the first photograph with the extended base pad, when you slam it home, the base is about flush with the magazine well.

With a standard magazine base pad, it is recessed, so when you slam it home, you may need to use your thumb to ensure the magazine is fully seated. Dan Wesson ships the pistol with two eight-round magazines with extended base pads. Normally I am not a huge fan of extended magazine wells on a pistol, but considering they do aid you in funneling that fresh magazine into the pistol, helping with a speedy reload, I get why it was included with this pistol.

You have to consider that when stockpiling magazines for your Specialist, however, the pistol was reliable with numerous different magazines. The front strap is also checkered to twenty-five lines per inch. The trigger broke cleanly at four and three-quarters pounds with just a bit of take up and a hint of overtravel.

The trigger is adjustable for overtravel, but during the review, I did not change it. The ambidextrous thumb safety is standard. The hammer is a kind of a Rowel style skeletonized speed hammer with serrations on the spur.


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